Kayaking at George L. Smith State Park

I have driven past this State Park my whole life never knowing it was a few miles off the highway on the way to the beach. (Familiar story, right?) But one day these beautiful photos of people kayaking by cypress trees started showing up in my Facebook feed. I followed Mill Pond Kayak and immediately put this adventure on my to-do list.

Calling and reserving a tour was easy. I later received an email with everything we needed to know about the tour. We arrived early to do a little exploring and enjoy a root beer and snacks before the tour. There is a scenic dam and mill that was being used for senior photos and wedding photos.

A Family Adventure

When our tour time arrived, we met Wes, our guide, and the other people in our group. It was a grandmother and her 9-year-old grandson — the perfect example of how family-friendly this adventure is. If you’ve never kayaked before, the still, flat water is great for beginners. If you are wondering about alligators, I’m sure they are in there but we (unfortunately) didn’t see any. Alligators don’t want anything to do with kayaks so there is nothing to worry about. There is plenty of other wildlife though — turtles, water snakes, birds, ospreys, fish, and more.

Trails On The Water

We started off in the open water — passing an osprey nest and learning about the history of the pond. As we made our way across the lake and toward the other side, the trees started getting closer together. Wes lead us to a trailhead in the lake. The small path wound back through the cypress trees marked by trail blazes just like in the woods.

With about three hours on the water, it was a great way to relax and see this beautiful lowland ecosystem. And you can keep on coming back. The cypress trees change with the seasons so they will be different every time. I hear that their fall colors are as impressive as the trees in North Georgia.

So whether you make it a weekend trip or day trip, book your tour now to experience this awesome hidden adventure in South Georgia.


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